Mental Coaching


The highest level of sporting achievement requires excellent physical abilities as well as advanced mental (psychological) attributes. If the mental abilities are not sufficient the competitive performance can become unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to train physically as well as mentally. In order to realize this in accordance with personal goals, the actual state of the athlete must be analysed. In addition to performance diagnostics mental diagnostics must be applied. We also cover these diagnostics at the ILUG. Important mental abilities are the regulation of the physiological arousel, optimal concentration and attention, the control of soliloquies, anticipation of sequences of motion as well as the development of self-confidence. We assess the athlete’s mental standard of performance with structured interviews, evaluated questionnaires and  scientific equipment. In accordance with measured physiological values we can implement a training concept to improve performance.


The consultation can be the result of different starting points. First, it is the result of the athlete’s mental diagnostic, which  is perfomed in line with the performance diagnostic. The results of the analysis are presented to the athlete and interpreted. Consequently, we are able to make recommendations at this stage. Consultations are also possible without previous diagnostics, in case the athlete has more general questions around the mental training, different techniques and principles or a specific nature of the problem. 

Systematic training

Apart from the more general consultations that take place once in a while, we also offer systematic mental training, which is perfomed regularly over a longer period to build and develop special mental abilities.