Health Promotion

How important are your employees to you? Would you like to provide a healthy workpace? Do you want to promote productivity and competitiveness? The ILUG team would be pleased to advise you and support you in setting up a workplace health promotion. Together with the management we develop a strategy to preserve and promote health, efficiency and performance of all employees permanently.

Therefore, we obey the principles of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP):

-Holistics (behavioural and situational prevention in the sense of risk reduction and strengthening of ressources )

-Integration (implementation of health management in corporate structures)

-Participation (all employees should be involved)

-Project management (systematic implementation of programmes and actions)

Based on examinations we develop a holistic concept, whih will be implemented to promote the health of all employees. Independent of the size of your company or organization we also offer lecture and organize health days dedicated to particular topics. The ILUG team focuses on Operational health promotion, especially in light of current social changes there is a urgent need for action.

Please feel free to get in touch with us.

Contact person:

Annika Lösche
Qualified health specialist
0345 – 55 244 59