Health Coaching

Face your situation and aim for your goal. Create an individual plan and take the initiative!

You would like to change your life style? A healthy nutrition is important to you? You would like to improve your personal fitness?

The power to change your life style is in your hands. The ILUG team would be pleased to advise and support to achieve your goals.

We will guide you on your way to an active life style and support you in realizing your aims. In the process, we place great emphasis on the concept of sustainability. The special feature of health coaching is the combination of nutrition, movement and individual coaching. First, we analyze your nutritional situation and your physical status with a nutrition diary and a body check-up. Afterwards, we create an individual training and nutrition plan. We also provide a strategy for you to improve physical activity, fitness, body composition and nutrition.

We will guide you on your way to a healthy life style that will make you feel more relaxed, energetic and efficient. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to improve your quality of life.

Contact person:

Manon Richter
Dipl. Oecothrophologin
0345 – 55 244 16