Bike Diagnostics

Ergometer diagnostics are carried out on an individually configurable high performance bicycle ergometer FES (E2000S) with SRM.
Special tests can be performed to assess complex performance on the bicycle ergometer:

  • 10 s tractive force test to determine maximal pedal power
  • incremental test with measurement of lactate, maximal oxygen uptake and heart rate to determine training zones
  • 75 s maximal test to determine anaerobic performance
  • unilateral frequency test to determine pedal technique and left-right ratio in performance

We offer the following services in ergometer diagnostics:

Incremental test with measurement of HR- and lactate (85,60 EUR)

Your aerobic and anaerobic endurance as well as the recovery rate is determined with the blood lactate concentration, heart rate and respiratory gas analysis under standardized laboratory conditions on a treadmill. Afterwards we calculate 4-5 training from the collected data.

Incremental test with measurement of HR, lactate and spirometry (107,00 EUR)

In addition to treadmill diagnostics a respiratory gas analysis is perfomed to determine your maximal oxygen uptake as well as other parameters.

Isokinetic maximal strength test at 80/100 U/min (10,70EUR)

In addition to performance diagnostics your performance is measured at two different frequencies (e.g. 80 and 100 U/min).

Unilateral frequency test (10,00 EUR)

In addition to the performance diagnostics an unilateral frequency test is carried out to determine the left-right ratio in performance.

Isokinetic maximal strength test over 75 s (16,00 EUR)

Your anaerobic capacity will be determined in addition to performance diagnostics (incl. lactate measurement).

Complete package (144,45 EUR)

All test we offer in the field of ergometer diagnostics will be performed for the price listed above.