Treadmill Diagnostics

Treadmill diagnostics are carried out on a modern Sprint-Treadmill (h/p/cosmos® pulsar) with optimal runnig- and damping features. After a warm-up an incremental test is performed. You start with slow running speed and velocity is increased every 3 min. After every increment a small drop of blood is taken from the earlobe to determine lactate concentration. Then we calculate the optimal workload for aerobic fat metabolism training, intensive training as well as the anaerobic threshold. In addition, we also offer to measure maximal oxygen uptake.

We offer the following services in the field of Treadmill Diagnostics:

Incremental test with measurement of HR and lactate (85,60 EUR)

Your aerobic and anaerobic endurance as well as the recovery rate is determined with the blood lactate concentration, heart rate and respiratory gas analysis under standardized laboratory conditions on a treadmill. Afterwards we calculate 4-5 training from the collected data.

Incremental test with measurement of HR, lactate and spirometry (107,00 EUR)

In addition to treadmill diagnostics a respiratory gas analysis is perfomed to determine your maximal oxygen uptake as well as other parameters.

Field test with measurement of HR and lactate (64,20 EUR)

This test is carried out under standardized conditions on the track or grass once a month. If there are at least 12 athletes to test, we offer to carry it out at your place. Please get in touch with us – we would gladly advise you.