Individual nutritional analysis

We detect the concentration off all nutrients from your daily nutrition and lay open possible problem areas that we can solve afterwards.

By the use of a global analysis of a seven day nutrition protocol we detect your optimal supply off all nutrients in detail. To achieve this aim we use the perceived computer-analyzer PRODI which analysis all off your affiliated food. The result is a detailed report about your loaded carbohydrate, protein and fat and also off all vitamins and minerals.

Referring to this report we follow up with another computer-program based analysis which was developed at our institute to identify your personal nutrient requirements via the state of your body and physical activity. This individual report is the base for the evaluation of your daily feeding.

he achievement is a personal clearly arranged and detailed actual-theoretical comparison off all nutrients which is not based on general regards. In addition the analysis contains a written report which includes the most important points and some ideas of improvement for your daily routine.

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