The ILUG provides service for various target groups.

Performance diagnostics

Whether old or young, beginner or professional, the performance diagnostic with lactate and heart rate measurement can be recommended to everybody, who is willing to move and exercise. This way overstress can be prevented in beginners and recreationally active and athletes can optimize their training and performance.

Training consultations

We offer an individual coaching and training consultation, which is based on your needs in the area of endurance training. We create an individual training plan, which is based on performance diagnostics, especially for you. Furthermore, we analyse your previous training plans and change them according to your future goal and level of performance. We also compile individual training plans for resistance training.

Nutrition counselling

You are willing to lose weight permanently? You are an athlete wondering whether your nutrition matches your training? You plan to eat more healthily? We would like to give advice and support you in achieving your goals. We analyse your current nutritional situation based on a nutrition protocol, your body composition and physical activity. These individual requirements make it possible to analyze your daily nutrition.

Health coaching

We will guide you on your way to an active life style and support you in realizing your aims. In the process, we place great emphasis on the concept of sustainability. The special feature of health coaching is the combination of nutrition, movement and individual coaching.

Workplace health promotion

How important are your employees to you? Would you like to provide a healthy workplace? Do you want to promote productivity and competitiveness? The ILUG team would be pleased to advise you and support you in setting up a workplace health promotion. Together with the management we develop a strategy to preserve and promote health, efficiency and performance of all employees permanently.

Mental coaching

The highest level of sporting achievement requires excellent physical abilities as well as advanced mental (psychological) attributes. We assess the athlete’s mental standard of performance with structured interviews, evaluated questionnaires and scientific equipment. In accordance with measured physiological values we can implement a training concept to improve performance.